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manuever -- that may have cd the crash. a serious collision between a chp motorcycle officer and a car at the amgen bike race. the last-minute maneuver that may have caused the crash. the damage is absolutely staggering. >> shattered glass, twisted metal, evidence of just how violent a commuter train collision was. what's being examined for clues. >> and last-minute fortune seekers buying up tickets at staggering rates for tonight's record powerball jackpot. the dreams of luxury despite incredible odds. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. long lines and even longer odds. hopeful multimillionaires getting their shot at powerball's $600 million
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jackpot. the buying frenzy is so high, california is selling a million dollars worth of tickets every hour. and you have until 7:00 to get in on it. kpix 5's patrick sedillo talked to people hoping to beat the odds. reporter: at cavanaugh liquors in san lorenzo today there was no shortage of customers. >> long vacation. >> buy a house. >> reporter: what would you do if you won? >> go into hiding. >> reporter: that's because the store is well known for being lucky and people from all over the bay area have been gravitating toward it all week. >> we have had four or actually five big winners, lottery winners, over the years. >> reporter: the powerball jackpot is now more than $600 million setting a new record that's getting higher every minute. if the cashout is taken, the winner or winners will still walk with $376 million, not bad for a small bet. >> there we go. >> thank you. >> reporter: even though the odds are 175 million to 1,
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people streamed in chasing their dreams. >> everybody has a wish. everybody has a dream. everybody has a want. >> reporter: and everybody has a different plan if they have the perfect combination of numbers that will change their lives forever. >> i won before. >> reporter: paul has won big before. $11million and still has most of it. and he is back for more. what are you doing here? >> buying a ticket. >> reporter: have you bought a ticket? >> i bought one early -- i think it was thursday. thursday i got one. so i'm in. >> reporter: are you going to win? >> of course. we're at cavanaugh's. [ laughter ] >> doesn't everybody win at cavanaugh's? >> reporter: cavanaugh liquors sold five million-dollar winners since 1989 including one $28 million winner this went unclaimed. they expect more than 4,000 people today. patrick sedillo, kpix 5. >> looks like patrick has his ticket. lottery officials say 80% of all possible number combinations have already been bought and that means the odds are good someone has tonight's
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winning ticket. well, despite getting off to a good start, orb couldn't take the second jewel in the triple crown. instead -- >> oxbow gary stevens wins the preakness in an upset over itsmyluckyday! >> oxbow led from start to finish holding off itsmyluckyday to win the preakness stakes in baltimore today. vern glenn will have more on the race in a few minutes in sports. everything just stopped suddenly and we went flying. >> i thought this is the end. brace yourself. >> no one was killed, but 70 people were sent to the hospital after a horrible train collision that sent passengers flying through the air. the national transportation safety board arrived this morning to figure out what happened during last night's commute. ines ferre reports. >> reporter: investigators are surveying the damage after two commuter trains crashed in
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bridgeport, connecticut. the national transportation safety board is collecting evidence to help figure out what caused the accident. >> we'll be looking at the general condition of the track, data recorders on board the train and we'll provide data on speeds, braking parameters, throttle settings and other parameters. >> reporter: during the friday evening rush hour several cars of a metro-north train traveling from new york to new haven derailed and a second train coming from the opposite direction hit them. about 700 people were on the two trains. more than 70 were injured. >> the damage is absolutely staggering. tons of metal tossed around like toys, insides of the cars are shattered. >> reporter: investigators say there is also extensive damage to the tracks. once the initial investigation is complete, crews will clear the damaged trains and start rebuilding the tracks. this is a very busy commuter corridor on the route from new york to boston. officials say they don't know how long it will take to get trains moving through the area
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again. amtrak suspended service between new york and new haven, and there is limited service to boston. commuters are worried about monday morning. >> how am i going to be able to get to work? i rely on the trains to get to work every day. >> reporter: the ntsb says the initial investigation will take about 10 days. but crews say they will likely be able to start clearing the tracks in the next few days. ines ferre for cbs news, bridgeport, connecticut. >> and there are four tracks in the area where the train accident happened. the crash closed two. the other two were already out of service undergoing upgrades. a chp officer providing traffic control for the amgen tour of california was seriously injured in a crash this afternoon. chp says the officer was riding his motorcycle when a car in front of him suddenly made a turn. the officer slammed into the car. it happened just after noon on marsh creek road during today's leg of the amgen race which takes bicyclists from livermore to the top of mount diablo.
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>> silver vehicle made a left- hand turn and the motorcycle directly behind it, and at which point we are still investigating -- it's under investigation, the two vehicles collided. at this point it looks like he is either making a u-turn or turning left into the driveway. >> the officer was airlifted to a hospital in walnut creek. his condition is not known. well, as the weather heats up this weekend, beach-goers are being told to avoid a stretch of marin county coastline following a sewage spill. sanitation officials say 3300 gallons of nontreated wastewater drained into san francisco bay wednesday. the wastewater poured out of a pipe after a telephone contractor accidentally broke it. tests on water samples taken after the spill should be finished early next week. new video of one of a series of tornadoes that tore across parts of texas. and today homeowners are shocked by what they saw when they came home. >> how long have you been here?
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>> since 11:30 last night. >> waiting in line all night for much-needed care. how state budget cuts have hundreds seeking out free treatment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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according to health experts san francisco --- "hep c" af ple. viral hepatitis is the leading cause of liver cancer nationwide according to health experts. in san francisco, hepatitis "c" affects some 12,000 people. to change that a new free and low-cost screening program was unveiled today at the asian heritage street celebration. in the asian community, hepatitis "b" is most prevalent and many say stigma gets in the way of people seeking care. >> when you have a disease that's been stigmatized for so long, it's kind of like aids, you know? there's a fear factor in it. and so part of what we try to do is raise awareness, tell people to go get tested, go see their doctor and if they have it, we can treat it. >> testing for hepatitis "b" and "c" was available all day at the street celebration as part of a coordinated effort between san francisco, l.a. and new york, the three largest
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metro areas most affected by viral hepatitis. in south san jose, people camped out overnight for a chance to get free dental services as early as 5 a.m. at the convention center. it's a two-day clinic put on by the california dental association foundation. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec on why the need for the volunteer service is now greater than ever. reporter: how long have you been here? >> since 11:30 last night. >> reporter: by the time he was able to see a dentist, it was almost 1 p.m. >> when we came here last night at 8:00 we weren't sure if we could get in or not but we did. >> reporter: she and her 8-year- old daughter. >> i have a gum that was hurting me. >> reporter: most of the people here have no insurance to pay for fillings, cleanings or extractions. >> i work for an organization very close to here. but they do not have a dental plan in place. >> i go to school full time. i'm a full-time single mother. so yeah, something like this is unbelievable. >> reporter: today, she got a filling and an ex-traction for
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free all thanks to almost 2,000 volunteers seeing patient after patient for two days straight. >> it's a great feeling. that's what's covers up for the exhaustion. >> reporter: the need for dental care in california got much worse in 2009 when, because of budget issues, the state legislature cut almost all adult dente cal benefits. >> when they have pain and infection which many people do, often it fills up our emergency rooms, which becomes an expensive proposition. >> reporter: the california dental association now holds two of these clinics per year. this is the first one in the bay area. >> our big concern is that people learn about it and there's no way we can help that many people. >> reporter: some weren't able to commit to the long lines. >> too many many people. >> reporter: but those who did? >> it was like okay because it didn't really hurt that much. >> oh, my god, we're so grateful. >> reporter: in san jose, anne
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makevoc, kpix 5. >> and the volunteers expect to treatment more than 2,000 patients by the end of the weekend. tornado victims from the hardest hit area in north texas get their first chance to see what's left of their homes. i'm marlie hall with the latest developments coming up. and i'm roberta gonzales in the kpix 5 weather center. good evening, everyone. heading out to san jose, crystal clear skies but now the change you need to know about as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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tore across north texas this week. this video was taken by an new video out tonight shows the fury of one of 16 tornadoes
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that tore across north texas this week. the video was taken by an amateur storm chaser. six people were killed wednesday night. dozens of others were injured. cbs reporter marlie hall went with people going back home today for the first time. reporter: >> i don't have anything. it's all gone. >> reporter: when 16 tornadoes tore through texas wednesday night, jean may lost almost everything. >> my house shifted at first and i heard it sounded like a train coming on top of me. and my roof got ripped off. >> reporter: may lined up with other residents from rancho brazos in granbury to return home for the first time saturday. >> i hope i can find family pictures. >> reporter: her community bore the brunt of the tornado damage and casualties. >> i know i con keep the people out of -- i couldn't keep the people out of there. i just was keeping them out long enough until we could assure that we didn't have anybody missing, hurt, injured, deceased. >> reporter: only residents with permits are allowed back into rancho brazos. authorities are instructing
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people to get what they can and get out. no one is allowed to spend the night. may took these photos of her destroyed trailer home and found some treasured photos. her family is trying to focus on what they do still have, each other. >> i am in disbelief of all of this. i'm so blessed. >> reporter: may's daughter and granddaughter also lived in rancho brazos and they're all starting over together. in granbury, texas, marlie hall, kpix 5. incredible pictures out of texas. but here pretty skies. >> do you remember last week in texas we had the tremendous baseball-sized hail? >> yes. >> so they have had their fair share of weather over the past week. we here locally have been going up and down as far as our temps are concerned. we are going back up again tomorrow. good evening, let's step on outside. live kpix weather camera looking out towards the bay waters. if you look very carefully, you might even be able to see a couple of whitecaps out there. small craft advisory in place.
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currently in san francisco, 64 degrees. 60 miles due south san jose in the low 70s. mountain view at 74. oakland 68. san jose 72. the winds are breezy out of the northwest at 18 miles per hour as sun sets at 8:10. tomorrow warmer and the extended forecast calls for numbers to continue to go up and down. the seven-day forecast momentarily. first things first, satellite and radar indicate we already have the stratus in the form of fog building on the san mateo coast drifting across the bay. that will be the scenario tonight becoming mostly cloudy along the immediate seashore and into the bay. our other satellite goes west 10 does suggest we have a couple of different domes of high pressure completely in control for the bay area providing us with sunny and warmer conditions as the ridge continues to strengthen. so if you're heading out for
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sunday, we can anticipate temperatures on the increase. tonight, on the decrease. dropping into the 40s and 50s not as cold as last night due to the increasing cloud cover. 49 overnight in fremont, milpitas and newark. sunday's daytime highs in the midsection of the country -- of the state, not the country, although we want to continue to believe it's our own country in california, nearly 90 degrees in fresno. let's go ahead and pinpoint your neighborhood forecast. first things first a string of 60s at the beaches including moss and montera back through ocean beach. low 80s common across the santa clara valley. getting warmer than that into morgan hill and drifting into gilroy into the mid- and high 80s. otherwise east bay numbers stacking up to 87 degrees. brentwood, tracy, oakley also right around discovery bay 87 degrees from pleasanton back through danville into blackhawk. then we drift across suisun all the way into the north bay. 81 degrees in san rafael. terra linda and into mill valley mid-80s in santa rosa.
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hottest day coming up will be monday. then gradual cooling, more seasonal tuesday. and then the temperatures begin to go back up again next weekend. by the way, bay to breakers tomorrow. start time 52 degrees. by the finish line breezy at the coast at 62. and the alcatraz sharkfest in the water by 7:00 in the morning, air temperature 52, water temperature between about 58 and 62. and vern glenn's kids, i can't wait until they win that one! we know that they are swimmers. >> and you know, we have that plus amgen tomorrow. something for everybody. >> and baseball. >> yes. and vern. [ laughter ] >> and there he is. >> i got a sharkfest for you. we're a half hour away from them dropping the puck with the kings. >> that's right! >> in a must win game for them. why the sharks are in trouble before game three tonight with the kings and are we going to see a triple crown champion from the preakness? the answer from baltimore in two minutes.
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year on year, we will have triple crown the preakness history will not be made this year on the dirt. for the 35th straight year, we are not going to have a triple crown winner. to the preakness winner of the kentucky derby orb a 3:5 favorite couldn't find an opening. he finished fourth.
5:53 pm
here's how the race ended. >> oxbow, itsmyluckyday to the outside, tries to catch it but it's oxbow and gary stevens to win the preakness in an upset over itsmyluckyday. >> 15:1 odds oxbow wins it. pretty much had the lead from start to finish. that's wire to wire, folks. jockey gary stevens,' third win of the preakness. itsmyluckyday came in second, not my lucky day. sharks team piggy bank $100,000 lighter in the wallet now. the league did not appreciate the comments general manager doug wilson made yesterday in support of suspended forward raffi torres. torres a key player was suspended for the series against los angeles. the sharks were initially fined $25,000 for releasing a statement 48 hours following the decision to suspend torres. today $75,000 added for wilson voicing his displeasure. wilson felt a hit involving torres was clean and the league
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is, quote, trying to make an example out of a players who being judged on past events, closed quote. talk about no respect. this network promo actually aired to promote tonight's game erroneously indicating the kings playing the blues. >> oh!! >> instead of the sharks. >> boo! >> puck droppings for game three just moments from now at the shark tank. red wings blackhawks game two. chicago 1-0 but detroit scored four unanswered goals. a pretty goal cap it off. 4-1 red wings. series is now tied at one. and how about this at sonoma raceway? vintage beauties on display at the 27th historic motorsports festival going on right now and tomorrow at the track including this classic car. this is a show-stopper. the 2013 bugatti grand support goes from 0 to 60 in 2.5
5:55 pm
seconds and as you see some of the action motoring down the track, price tag on a bugatti $2.5 million. the most expensive car out there. all right. ultimate fighting combines wrestling, boxing, jujitsu, we're a week away from a showcase of some tough guys with different motives. let's take you to san jose. reporter: american kickboxing academy san jose. up to 17 ultimate fighters with a dream this day. luke former strike force middleweight. over there, french mixed martial artist thomas. and female hopeful briana van buren. all trying to make the wall of champions looking down on them. >> it's always in my head. you know? the feel, weight, you know, okay, how it's going to go around my waist. >> reporter: that's gray
5:56 pm
maynard, a lightweight who is almost there. he sparse alongside heavyweight champion cane velazquez in red who is on that wall. both are on the ufc 160 may 25 card in las vegas. velasquez defends his title against the man who tried to take it away a year ago, antonio bigfoot silva in the octagon. >> it's hard to win a bout but harder to defend it. >> reporter: juveniles shelved gray maynard for -- injuries shelved gray maynard for ten months. he has two huge motivations now to succeed. >> it just changes. so now it's my kids, you know, and my wife. >> reporter: you think you're in shape? check this out. these guys are in here three times a day, two hours at a time. that's six hours. but they're not done. they got to hit the track for roadwork. then they hit the gym to lift weights. that's what velazquez has to do to stay on top and what maynard has to do to get there.
5:57 pm
velazquez wears his inspiration on his chest. it says, brown pride for his mexican heritage. back from when his dad came over the border and settled in salinas years ago. >> i'm proud of his journey and of what our people stand for as far as being hard working people. so i just want to go out and represent. >> ufc 60 coming up in a week. i was listening to the workouts they had and i said, hm, that's like roberta. she does that on her lunch break! [ laughter ] thank you. security will be tighter than ever at tomorrow's bay to breakers. at 6:30 find out what will be different at this year's race to keep people safe and the measures in place already. that's for us at 5:30. see you in half hour. news updates are on good night. captions by: caption colorado
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>> axelrod: tonight, the powerball jackpot. the top prize hits record territory, attracting hopeful ticket buyers, despite the astronom call odds. train collision in connecticut. a busy section of the northeast corridor is brought to a standstill after two commuter trains collide, injuring dozens, and frightening many more. >> i thought this is the end. brace yourself. >> axelrod: a threat of more tornadoes this weekend across the nation's heartland. meteorologist david bernard has the forecast while anna werner looks at how one warning system saved lives. and meet our latest young innovator. at just 16 years of age, he's taken on cancer diagnosis singlehandedly. >> i created a new way to test for pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer that

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